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In this menu you will find valuable information about the car rental process. Be sure to read it carefully .

Documents required for rent

For a private person , a valid ID card or passport, a valid address card and a valid driving license are required.

Make sure that you have a telephone contact . This can be a Hungarian phone number or a phone number with other developers. However, the essential aspect is to ensure that the tenant provides access during the rental period. Otherwise, the landlord cancels the rent.

Of course, we also reserve car rental options for our customers in other European Union countries.

In the case of a company , the company’s papers (corporate contract, signature specimen), company identification card (authorization, if required), driver’s identity card, residence permit attestation, driving license are required.

There is no minimum occupancy age for rent. At the same time, our younger tenants can count on a higher deposit amount. All our new and old customers are subject to specific rental rates, and we will be entitled to refuse to rent even after confirmation.

We reserve the right to refuse to justify the refusal of the rental. Our enterprise is in no way responsible for any damages that arise when a customer is denied a rental and the delivery and return of a rental vehicle due to a delay in time due to delayed transfer and return of a rental vehicle as material damage and other damages that our Client expressly renounces.


Out of 5 rented days our delivery is free. We will charge a shipping cost of HUF 2000 .


We strive to maximize our service to suit your needs, so of course we can also ship the airport by night, after prior consultation. COST OF NIGHT DISTRIBUTIONS 3000 HUF.


Only in Debrecen there is a possibility and possibility to drive the car, but we also accept the delivery vehicles at dawn.

Other costs incurred during the lease

Other costs incurred during the lease (fuel, parking, landing, toll, etc.) are charged by the tenant.

For breaches during the lease period (speeding up, illegal parking, other violations, etc.), the Lessee takes full responsibility and acknowledges that they are incurring the costs of them and contributes to the disclosure of their data regarding police and other offenses or penalties.

With respect to unpaid charges (parking fee, toll road, voyage etc.), Lessee acknowledges that all of these charges, together with the surcharges, default interest and other charges, are solely to be borne by him. The Lessee also agrees to let the Lessor provide the Tenant’s personal data to the parking company, road operator and other body.

Conditions for Fuel Use

The car is cleaned with a minimum amount of fuel, so please return it.

At the conclusion of the lease agreement, we shall carefully inform all Tenants of the type of fuel to be refueled in the vehicle.

The Lessee is required to refuel the required quality fuel to the vehicle and it is advisable to keep the receipt / invoice for refueling for 30 days after the vehicle has been returned. The cost of any defect resulting from improper refueling (fuel replacement, repair, etc.) is due to the Lessee.

The tenant is obliged to pay a full sum of damage to the value of the car if:

1. It violates the general rental conditions
2. If it causes a traffic accident due to its own fault
3. The car was carelessly, unmanaged, overburdened
4. Parts, accessories, equipment are missing
6. The vehicle was not used in accordance with the requirements of the Highway Code
7. Not traveling at speeds allowed (police materials / report will be forwarded to the tenant via the provided telephone contact details)
8. Any damages that arise when the car has been left or locked or parked in accordance with the regulations
9. He left the vehicle keys and registration certificate in the vehicle


In every case the tenant is required to apply for a police measure, either personal injury or material damage accident – or immediately contact the landlord.

The Contracting Parties agree that the Tenant shall also notify the Lessee of any exceptional occurrence and shall undertake to inform the Lessor in the event of the breaking, damaging and stealing of the Vehicle, and shall act according to the information received, provided that the Lessor places his own spotter on the scene – he is there. In the event of an accident, the tenant must also act with due diligence, to make every effort to clarify the matter, to obtain all possible information of the participant (eg the vehicle number of the other vehicle, the owner / driver’s name, address, witness name, address, layout or photograph). The tenant has no right of agreement and can not make any acknowledgment of the Lessor’s breach.
The tenant must hand over a copy of the record taken by the police to the landlord. In the event of an accident, the tenant must also act with due diligence to do everything to clarify the matter.

Motor vehicles are covered by compulsory insurance. This means that if there is an accident and the Lessee is not mistaken, compulsory insurance will cover the costs of the incurred damage.

However, if the accident or other damage occurs from the fault or negligence of the Tenant, the Tenant shall be fully liable. The damage caused is reimbursed in one amount or in installments.

Technical failure

Our company is thinking about the technical maintenance of our rented vehicles. We provide free domestic assistance for the duration of our rental.

In the event of a technical malfunction, the tenant can ask the landlord at any time during the day to call the number on the given telephone number: +3670/7751215 .

The rented car is forbidden:

  1. In particular, the car is prohibited :

– to lease or loan a person other than a leaseholder without the prior written permission of the Lessor,

– business person or business person. used without the permission of the Lessor and the competent traffic authority,

– to use racing or training (training)

– to use a tow for another vehicle, unless the lessor specifically lent it for tow,

– coolant, lubricating fluids, in the case of the prohibition of control instruments ,


– to drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics, or to allow such persons to influence,

– without the Lessor’s prior written permission to drive the car abroad.

The daily fee is included

  • Compulsory insurance
  • Weight Tax
  • Repair Costs Due to Intended Use
  • Delivery in clear condition
  • International Green Card
  • 300 Km / day mileage
  • Seasonal tire

The daily fee is not included

  • Fuel costs
  • Repair costs resulting from improper use
  • Accessory shortage: vehicles are supplied with the compulsory accessories prescribed by the Highway Code, which the tenant has to keep in full
  • Tire repair: damage to the tire, unworkable, repairs and replacement are subject to the tenant
  • Hungarian and foreign motorway stickers, parking fees and tolls.

Deposit / Deposit

The deposit is payable in forint, dollar, euro or pounds in cash.

When renting a car, you must pay a security deposit, which will take place upon receipt of your car. The security deposit will be refunded when the vehicle is returned, if it is in the state of receipt. Deposit / deposit per vehicle is 20,000-50,000 HUF. For travel abroad, the deposit is 100,000 HUF.

Customers coming from abroad can of course pay with foreign currency , which can be returned with their foreign residence at the end of their tenure, so they do not have to spend an unnecessarily forint.

One day rental

This is called a one-day rental, if one would rent a car for a day. Of course, this is also the case with us. However, we can not always maintain a selected car for a given time. In this case, we can offer you a rent from the available vehicles.


Speed ​​limit within a populated area: 50 km / h
Speed ​​limit outside the inhabited area: 90 km / h
Speed ​​limit on motorway: 130 km / h
Transport: On the right side
Permissible blood alcohol level: 0.0%
Seat belt: Obligatory
Required Equipment: Emergency triangle, first aid box and safety vest are required.
Child seat: Up to 12 years or up to 150 cm.
Mobile phone: Only hand-held handsets are allowed.
Tolls: Use of highways is only allowed for a fee.
Special parking regulations: Yellow line at the edge of the road: stopping is prohibited.
Other rules: Use of a dipped-beam headlamp outside a residential area is compulsory.


In order to protect clean lover lovers, we have to pay a minimum cleaning fee of at least 3000 FT for cleaning cars that have been recaptured in a highly polluted condition .

Conclusion, conclusion, lesson

I only recommend renting a car to a responsible, responsible person, who is responsible for achieving the goals of an excellent opportunity.